Link2Me Week One Step One Lets get signed Up Sign up with Gmail Accounts Sign Up everyone with LinkedIn Profiles Sign Up everyone with Link2Me profiles How to set up Gmail email account 1. Go to 2. Click Create an account. … 3. The sign-up form will appear. … 4. Finally, review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the check box, and then click Next step. … 5. The Create your profile page will appear. … 6. Your account will be created, and the Google welcome page will appear. 1. 1 Go to LinkedIn at If you want to learn more, click on the “What is LinkedIn?” option on the menu across the top of the page. If not, go ahead and sign up by entering you name, email and a password in the “Join LinkedIn Today” box on the right of the screen. 2. 2 Confirm your account through your email address. Once you’ve done this, sign in and get started. 3. 3 Edit your profile. Editing and updating your profile is quick and easy, so there’s absolutely no need for advanced technical know-how. Enter you sub-heading, area and industry underneath your name, and add a profile picture of yourself. 4. 4 Edit your qualifications. Add your current and past employment as well as your education. Be sure to include descriptions of your past jobs and degrees earned––this way, people will be able to more clearly see your experiences and know what to contact you for. LinkedIn can also tailor job suggestions to send you if you’ve provided adequate details. • Keep your details short, sweet, and informative. 5. 5 Add a Summary. This is a chance to write a more in-depth paragraph to give people an idea of where you stand now in your career, what your strengths are, where you want to go and what you have to offer. Although it’s a summary, it can take some time to write a good one, so don’t be afraid to edit it ruthlessly until it reads well. 6. 6 Add Specialties. This is located directly below. It acts as an extension of the Summary section but in short form. You can list specific skills and areas of expertise. • Choose wisely––other members of LinkedIn can endorse you for these specialties, so avoid choosing something people don’t have any clue you’re capable of doing! 7. 7 Add Connections. You can have LinkedIn search through your email address book to find people you know. You can also search by a person’s name, job title or company. 8. 8 Add Websites. Link in your company’s website, your own personal site, your blog, and/or your Twitter account. This will allow visitors to your page to see different aspects of your professional self. • Be cautious of linking in your Facebook page if you have questionable photos of yourself, or to your Twitter account, depending on the language of your tweets. 9. 9 Get Recommendations. If you’re trying to find a job through LinkedIn, it is suggested that you have at least three professional recommendations. Ask your former bosses or colleagues. Return the favor and recommend others as well. 10. 10 Add Applications. These are not necessary, but having them can make your profile more complete. For example, you can add Blog Link for a stream of your blog or other website updates. You can add the Reading List application by Amazon to let everyone know what books you’re reading and which ones you recommend. With other applications, you can share files or presentations.